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    The What to Expect Foundation educates
    and empowers moms in need so they can
    expect healthier pregnancies, safer deliveries
    and healthier, happier babies.

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    mission possible

    Though millions of moms have turned to What To Expect When You're Expecting for pregnancy and parenting advice, there are clearly millions of parents who can neither afford, nor perhaps read, the vital health information in that book, which greatly affects their families' health and long-term futures. 

    So fourteen years ago, The What to Expect Foundation was born with a mission to educate and empower moms in need so they can expect healthier pregnancies, safer deliveries and healthier, happier babies.

    Through the generous support of our sponsors, partners and donors, our foundation has created beautiful, engaging materials and community programs designed to meet pregnant moms on their terms, where they are. By engaging communities' front-line health workers, midwives, nurses, doctors and mothers, and supporting them with practical tools and strategies that empower women through health and educational opportunities, we jumpstart new cycles of positive change for women and their families.

    To date, we have reached more than half a million mothers in over 50 states, and with plans to expand internationally, we are continually inspired by our belief that knowledge is a powerful gift that can be given to new moms to help them lead vibrant lives and raise healthy, successful children.

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    A Basic Approach

    Baby Basics, our signature program, began with a book: Baby Basics: Your Month By Month Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy, and has since grown into a complete Baby Basics Prenatal Health Literacy Program designed specifically for lower-income populations to help create caring communities that support moms.

    With its easy-to-read materials and educational tools, the Baby Basics Program focuses on everyone involved in a woman's pregnancy—from the office staff, physicians and nurses, to the in-home clinician and health educator, to the mother herself and her family—changing the way everyone helps pregnant moms access and understand the information vital to delivering a healthy baby, and fostering the loving support necessary to become a great mom.

    Available in many languages, the Baby Basics Program includes the following materials—click on each to preview:

    Today, there are Baby Basics Programs across the country, and each year, hundreds of health care providers give the Baby Basics book to their patients. Altogether, from book, to program, to overall healthcare philosophy, Baby Basics is revolutionizing the pregnancy experience—and its outcome—for families in need, one clinic, one mom, one baby at a time.

    beyond baby basics

    Baby Basics International – the initiative to take Baby Basics worldwide, with pilot program planning now underway to culturally adapt the program for underserved moms around the world

    Baby's First Year – the next book underway in the Baby Basics series, designed to help young moms and their families through their baby's first year

    What to Expect Guide to Immunizations – a campaign to educate parents on the power of vaccinations to protect children from preventable illnesses

    Download your free pdf copy below.
    What to Expect Guide to Immunizations Qué Se Puede Esperar Guía sobre Inmunizaciones
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    Heidi Murkoff


    Heidi wrote the popular What To Expect pregnancy and parenting series, and co-founded The What to Expect Foundation in 1997. Her dedication and support of the foundation's work, and her personal mission to ensure EVERY family know what to expect, inspires us all.


    Lisa Bernstein

    Executive Director

    Lisa is the former Associate Publisher of Brain Quest, with previous experience in commercial book publishing where she met Heidi and promoted the What To Expect series. Lisa co-founded the Foundation and serves as its passionate leader. 


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    This is where compassion takes action. It’s where we collaborate with others who share our belief that a healthy baby begins with an empowered mom, and that she deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and love her pregnancy journey. If you’re interested in starting a Baby Basics Program, contact us.


    This is where we create a foundation of hope. Upon it, together with corporations nationwide, we build brighter futures and forge sustainable paths toward health and happiness for mothers in need...and the children they haven’t even met yet. If your company is interested in supporting our cause, contact us.


    This is where individuals can make a difference. And where healthy babies make everyone smile. With your donation, you can help a mom in need learn what to expect when she’s expecting.  If you’re interested in making a personal donation to help a mom in need, donate now.

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    We're expecting…

    …a new website! It’s almost here. But if you need to contact us before our due date, click here.


    Read All About It

    Find an informative overview of the Baby Basics Program and all its components here.


    Baby Basics in Baltimore

    Our partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department is growing. Learn more here.


    Baby Basics In Virginia

    In the Appalachians, our Moms Clubs help women connect, learn and laugh. Check out their website.


    Congratulations, Heidi!

    Our President was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2011 —wow!


    In USA Today

    Read the national newspaper article that highlighted our Baby Basics program here


    Going Hollywood

    Attention moviegoers: Look out for Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison and Chris Rock in What To Expect When You're Expecting—the movie! Inspired by Heidi Murkoff's What To Expect books, it's a romantic comedy that's sure to make parents everywhere shed a tear or two, too. Check it out this spring in theatres nationwide, and get inspired to join our cause to help mothers-to-be in need.

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