Building A Foundation of Hope

Support from other foundations and institutions plays an invaluable role in expanding The What to Expect Foundation’s efforts and our signature Baby Basics program. Through support from organizations like those below, we can continue our mission of educating and empowering moms in need so they can expect healthier pregnancies, safer delivers and healthier, happier babies.

The Marks Family Foundation

The Marks Family Foundation helps support our Baby Basics training program through donations that allow us to create videos and enact replication plans that help our Foundation grow.

The Altman Foundation

The Altman Foundation supported our pilot Baby Basics Program in Queens, NY, which served to inform all of our programs across the country.

The United Hospital Fund

Thanks to the United Hospital Fund, the Jamaica Hospitals Volunteer Program was able to build the model, training, and programming for their Pregnancy Adult Literacy Support program which has become the Baby Basics PALS volunteer program. PALS volunteers are moms who are trained and spend time with expectant mothers in physician waiting rooms, helping them get ready for their appointments, preparing questions and prepping them for their physician visits.

The New York State Health Foundation

Support from the New York State Health Foundation enabled us to expand the Baby Basics program throughout the state, in partnership with Public Health Solutions, MIC Women’s Health Centers, and the Queen’s Nurse Family Partnership.

Robert Wood Johnson

Our Perinatal Consortium partners in New Jersey received an RWJ Local Initiatives Award to implement Baby Basics in three New Jersey counties.

Sisters Of Charity

Thanks to four years of support from the Cleveland Sisters of Charity Foundation the Baby Basics Cleveland program was planned, launched, and now growing. Their commitment to health literacy and families in need has been inspirational.

Care Plus

The initial funders of B’More For Healthy Babies and the Baby Basics program, our Foundation is grateful for their commitment to the health of the most vulnerable families in Baltimore City.

The March of Dimes

The Virginia Chapter of The March of Dimes has become a supporter, partner and friend to the growing Baby Basics Virginia project. Their passion for the needs of rural Virginians has enabled us to grow Baby Basics Moms Clubs throughout the Appalachias.