• One of the Smiling Sun Health Centers active across Bangladesh and funded by USAID—shoes off when you enter
  • A first-time mom brings her sick baby and friend to the Smiling Sun Health Center (she didn’t want to come alone).
  • Foundation International Program Director Dr. Catarina Dolsten (left) with physician at Health Center in Bangladesh
  • The children of Bangladesh are eager to learn to read.
  • A mother and child in Dhaka on the way home from a well-baby visit
  • A book mobile stopped by the side of the road—filled with books

How do you help a mom in Bangladesh?

Today’s Bangladesh thrives with a zest for education and knowledge. More and more, young people are flocking to its capitol city, Dahka, to find jobs and opportunities, and the whole country is hungry to learn, fully aware that knowledge is power. Unfortunately, women in Bangladesh don’t always have access to that knowledge, especially those who are pregnant. Often very young, pregnant women in Bangladesh struggle to get the health care information they need to help themselves or their unborn children.

That’s where we come in.

At The What to Expect Foundation, we believe every woman has the right to imagine a thriving future for herself and her baby. In a country like Bangladesh, that sentiment is especially pertinent, and starts with one simple factor: the ability to read. A cornerstone of the Baby Basics program, literacy—and gaining empowerment through it—will serve as the basis for our efforts in Bangladesh.

After talking to young moms there and listening carefully to what they really need, we plan to create unique Bengali versions of our signature Baby Basics book and curriculum to help educate and empower pregnant women in this fast-paced South Asian nation. We’re currently working to identify potential partners in numerous communities throughout Bangladesh who can help us build hands-on, culturally appropriate Baby Basics programs there, and to make them accessible to women in need. We want to identify the best ways to bring moms together there to read and learn, and have healthy babies. And while Moms Clubs in Bangladesh may look a little different than those in the U.S., one fact is always the same: every mom wants the best for her baby. And no matter what language we speak, reaching that goal can all start with moms learning about themselves and their pregnancies, something especially true for the women of Bangladesh.