How do you help a mom in Brazil?

In a nation where What to Expect When You’re Expecting book is a perennial best seller, there’s lots of good news for moms in need. Support for pregnant women is a familiar concept within communities there, and with health care socialized, viable systems are already in place with several agencies presenting strong partnering opportunities for our Foundation and Baby Basics.

That’s where we come in.

Taking Baby Basics to Brazil, in a way, means returning to our roots, as much of the theory that informed the very creation of our health education platform came from Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire. Freire championed an education that would allow the oppressed to overcome their condition and regain their humanity, along with the idea that students must be empowered to achieve. It’s in that same spirit that Baby Basics was conceived and our programs evolved…and it’s why we’re so excited to be working in Brazil!

We’ll be partnering with existing organizations there to help evolve the Baby Basics program and create Brazilian-based materials just perfect for expecting moms there.