• Mr. Moses Kwalula, Country Director for The What to Expect Foundation Liberia
  • Kimmie Weeks, Executive Director of Youth Action International and Executive Director Lisa Bernstein discuss partnership
  • Inside the Dept. of Early Childhood Education in Monrovia, a meeting of the Curriculum Team
  • Standing on the balcony at the Dept. of Education in Monrovia, you see a tattered yet beautiful town.
  • A young girl studying at the Save the Children school in Liberia
  • Children at pre-school in Liberia (even the youngest wanted to show how well she could count to 5)
  • The Wee-Care Library—the first post-war library in Monrovia
  • Exec. Director Lisa Bernstein (left) with nursing team of the Pediatric Unit at a small hospital in Liberia
  • A young girl immersed in study at Wee-Care Library—beautiful place, beautiful face, and a real desire for scholarship
  • The very first Moms Club ever held at Tohde Resource Center—five new, teen moms who are all ready to learn!
  • At the Tohde Resource Center where they also run a preschool during the day
  • The Save The Children nursery school is filled with hope and color…and some seriously cute children.
  • Two of many new friends who kept us smiling

How do you help a mom in Liberia?

Today’s Liberia is a youthful nation. After years of civil war, the country is rebuilding under the direction of its President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who herself is a mom, and who is putting the support of mothers and young pregnant women in her country at the center of her agenda. Teen pregnancy has become an issue for new Liberia, with many young women expecting babies while living out on their own with little support, information, or health care in place to help them.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve giving Baby Basics an African flair! From the tiny fishing villages in Liberia to the big JFK hospital, we’re going to help make sure moms there get what they need to have a healthy pregnancy Liberian-style. In a country where pregnancy is referred to as “belly business,” we’re making it our business to help empower women throughout the country to not only change their own lives, but those of their unborn children as well, creating one positive impact on infant mortality in this West African nation.

We will be working with non-government agencies throughout Liberia to bring the Baby Basics program to life through culturally appropriate Baby Basics materials and programs. To date, we’ve already established a relationship with the Women’s Campaign International, an active women’s advocacy organization currently working in Liberia. We have also begun efforts to create unique Liberian versions of our signature Baby Basics book and curriculum that will help educate and empower pregnant women in need in this vibrant, rebuilding nation.